Family Guy is a comedy cartoon show that was first aired on Fox in 1999 however dispite its growing popularity at the time it was cancelled in 2002 after Season 3 due to the nature of the comedy on the programe. In 2005 due to high demand for the show to return they decided to create and air Season 4 and since that time the show has evolved and Family Guy has just finished its 9th Season.

The show is focused around the family of Peter Griffin consisting of Lois Griffin, Meg Griffin, Chris Griffin, Stewie and Brian. As you will see when you watch Family Guy and read the Charactor pages that the Griffin Family are a funny bunch of people.

The show also casts many other charators that are not necessarily in every Episode some of them being Adam West (Mayor of Quahog), Joe Swanson, Bonnie and Susie (Griffins Family neighbours), Glenn Quagmire, Cleveland Brown, Tom Tucker, Diane Simmons.

Every Family Guy episode is not linked to the past episode and each one is different. Some there are Chicken Fights, Death appearing or even a Muder Mystery episode. You can never of seen every Episode and once you see one you will just want to see more.

Also Family guy has made 3 movies based on the Star Wars series but with the Family Guy charactors playing the role of star wars charactors. with them being named. Blue Harvest, Something Something Something Dark Side and It's A Trap. Each one is different that the Star Wars version and Family Guy has thrown in comedy and other twists.